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Custom shutters by Norman enhance and enrich any interior and come with a lifetime warranty. Dark woods offer sophistication and elegance, while light woods impart a country or cottage feel. White or light shutters add drama to modern rooms or create an airy atmosphere for eclectic spaces. Shutters also lend themselves well to office settings by creating a crisp, professional look. Shutters by Goldberg provides shutters to fit almost any size and style.

Hard-to-fit windows like arches and triangles are not a problem since our treatments are custom-designed treatments explicitly crafted to complement your space. Whether it’s windows or doors, he’s got you covered.

Custom shutters installed in your home or workplace are one of the most cost-effective design changes you can make to breathe new life into a given space.  It’s also a great way to carry a theme from one room to the next subtly. When you choose our shutters for your window treatment, you’ll have a wide array of breathtaking yet fully functional styles.





Also known as “plantation blinds,” plantation shutters are shutters that are made for the inside of your home or office.  These shutters have wide louvers that often measure 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide. Because this style of shutter works so beautifully in so many different environments, plantation shutters are the most popular kind of shutter in the United States, especially in the southern and western parts of the U.S.

Plantation shutters’ wide louvers give them a look of elegance, which makes them great picks for window treatments in formal dining areas and bedrooms.  While that’s the case, plantation shutters are versatile enough to use in casual rooms as well.

Plantation shutters are usually white, but they’re also available stained.  This style of shutter is readily available in three material types, vinyl, composite and wood.



An eyebrow window is typically a partially rounded window that often sits atop what looks like a more traditionally styled rectangle or square window.  Many eyebrow windows are long and curved at the top. Given their shape, eyebrow windows usually cannot be covered with a conventional window treatment without covering up the architectural interest these windows add to the home.

Eyebrow shutters are the solution to this problem.  Eyebrow shutters are often custom-made for individual eyebrow windows.  Using an eyebrow shutter enables you to cover an eyebrow window without hiding the window’s architectural interest.


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Café shutters are stylish and add interest to the décor of your home or business. Because they only cover the bottom half of windows, they should not be used in locations where total privacy is desired. Café curtains are similar to café shutters in that they only cover the bottom half of a window, with the top half remaining exposed.



Panel shutters for the outside of your home or office, panel shutters are used. A panel shutter involves shutters on both sides of a window. You may close the shutters if they are not permanently attached to a structure or are decorative. A wide variety of colors and materials are available for panel shutters. If you desire a traditional appearance for your structure while keeping things fresh, panel shutters are a good option.

Eyebrow shutters are the solution to this problem.  Eyebrow shutters are often custom-made for individual eyebrow windows.  Using an eyebrow shutter enables you to cover an eyebrow window without hiding the window’s architectural interest.


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Sunburst shutters are produced in the United States with American materials. These shutters are suitable for a variety of uses, both residential and commercial. Wood and non-wood versions are available, as well as some that are made with recycled wood.


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Norman®'s excellence in creating quality window furnishings has made it famous for over 40 years. Every aspect of a Norman® product is inspired by its quality, and that's why it's so renowned. Few companies cultivate their own wood, produce their own components, or produce their own cords, but at Norman®, everything matters and anything is possible.

Norman® strives to exceed the highest industry standards in quality, service, choice, and value. Our award-winning product designs, as well as our environmentally friendly manufacturing and forestry procedures, are just a few of the ways Norman® has defined the future in the past.

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