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Having custom shutters installed in your home or workplace is one of the most cost-effective design adjustments you can make to breathe new life into a given space. Having custom shutters installed in your workplace or home is also a great way to subtly carry a theme from one room to the next. When you choose our shutters for your window treatment, you'll have the choice of a wide range of breathtaking yet functional styles. The choices include:

Shutters enlighten and adorn any interior, whether it be a sophisticated and elegant dark wood or a country or cottage-style light wood. Shutters may also be used in office settings, where they create a professional, crisp look. White or light shutters may be used to enhance modern spaces or create airy atmospheres in eclectic places. Michael Proctor offers shutters of all sizes and designs.

Our treatments are custom-made to complement your space, so arches and triangles are not an issue. Whether it's windows or doors, he's got you covered.

It’s one of the most economical design alterations you can make to breathe new life into a given space by installing custom shutters. From one room to the next, you can subtly carry a theme by choosing our shutters for your window treatment. When you choose our shutters, you’ll have a large number of breathtaking yet functional styles to pick from. These include:

Wooden plantation shutters are available in a wide range of styles and colours.

Plantation shutters are used indoors on the inside of a building. These shutters have wide louvers that are 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide. Plantation shutters are the most popular type of shutter in the United States, especially in the southern and western parts.

Plantation shutters’ wide louvers give them an elegant look, which makes them great choices for window treatments in formal dining areas and bedrooms. Even so, they are versatile enough to be used in casual rooms as well.

Plantation shutters are available in white or stained in three material types, vinyl, composite, and wood.

Cafes are required to have shutters, as are most buildings in India.

Café curtains are stylish and provide interest to the design of your home or business. Because café shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, they should not be used in places where complete privacy is required.

Eyebrows can be raised or lowered by using a mechanical device called eyebrow shutters.

Eyebrow windows are frequently rectangular or square windows with an arched portion at the top. These windows are usually long and curved at the top, making it difficult to apply conventional window treatments without covering up the architectural interest these windows add to the home.

Using eyebrow shutters is the answer to this issue. An eyebrow window can be covered without losing architectural interest by using custom-made eyebrow shutters.

Shutters can be used as panel protection.

Panel shutters are used on the outside of a building. These shutters consist of two shutters on either side of a window. You can close the shutters to cover the window if they are not permanently affixed to the structure or are just for decoration.

There are many material types and colors available for panel shutters, making them perfect if you want to give a structure a traditional look while maintaining things fresh.

The burst of sun is shuttered.

These shutters are manufactured in the United States using American materials. They are versatile and stylish enough to be used in a variety of situations, both domestic and commercial. Sunburst shutters are available in wooden and non-wood versions, as well as some that are constructed from recycled wood.

We are your local Custom Shutter providers.

Proctor Drapery can assist you in choosing and installing custom interior shutters for your home, if that's what you're looking for. For more than 35 years, they have specialized in custom shutter fitting and installation.

Proctor Drapery is ready to custom-make and install shutters at your St. Louis-area residence or business location. Please contact us at 314-644-1819 or to arrange an in-home consultation.